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Guttenberg Arts hosts a wide range of exhibitions throughout the year which provides STAR artists and community members an outlet to showcase their work and garner exposure.  In return we provide the public with a venue which offers unique presentations in an unexpected place... around the corner from their home.


A Group Exhibition featuring new work by summer '17 artists in residence

July 28- september 17, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, July 28

6:00-9:00pm at the guttenberg arts gallery

Exhibition: July 28th - September 17th, 2017; Opening Reception on Friday July 28th, 6-9pm.  For more information please contact studio@guttenbergarts.org or 201-868-8585. Guttenberg Art Gallery is free and open to the public by appointment. 

Guttenberg Arts Gallery is pleased to present MADE HERE Summer 2017, a group exhibition of the current Artists in Residence; Anne Muntges, Yong Soon Min, Florian Nitsch and Jeremy Coleman Smith. On view July 28th - September 17th, 2017. The works included in MADE HERE were created during the artist’s residences this past summer. The title “MADE HERE” carries not only multiple definitions, but multiple conceptual meanings ranging from location to identity, the politics of materials and the historical nature of place. All of these new works deeply considered many of these issues and are only just the beginning points for deeper reflection.


Anne Muntges’ work focuses on the theme of the home and finding a place for herself within it. The imagery Muntges uses questions ideas about interior and exterior space and her interactions within it. Muntges often recreates the environments she inhabits through obsessive mark making in drawing and installation processes. Physically, this manifests through two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments. In her two-dimensional settings, she uses panel or paper to drawn on or manipulate with ink, paint, graphite, dirt, spray paint or screen printing processes. Muntges’ three-dimensional environments allow for her to create installations by building out home interiors and priming each surface to create a new blank palette for her drawn hatch marks. Muntges’ interiors then become interactive and function as a living drawing.

Yong Soon Min’s art practice engages interdisciplinary sources and processes in the examination of issues of representation, cultural identities and the intersection of history and memory. Min’s role has been varied including organizing exhibitions, being a faculty member, an activist as well as an artist.  At Guttenberg Arts she has played around and experimented with a range of materials, some of which are both sculptural and print-based while using the discourse of historical events as source material for a new print.

Florian Nitsch’s works oscillate between ‘this and that’ and aren’t simply what they seem to be. If you ask Nistch what a work of art is he would reply with the questions,  ‘Meaning? Knowledge? Reason? Solutions?’  The question ‘What is a work of art’ is something you can investigate for many years and he believes this might be the problem. Nitsch admits if you try to think then forget about trying. The viewer may still be in the meta-mood of a crowd who will never be that meta. Nitsch doesn‘t think it‘s worth being that ‘meta-moody’. Sophisticated? He doesn‘t think so. He’s just to need to explain.

Jeremy Coleman Smith’s work continues to investigate the relationship between people, objects of display and the interior spaces where they interact.  Smith believes that in an effort to describe ourselves, we adorn our personal spaces and develop an image of self through the contents we choose to display in a room. The presentation of these objects helps fabricate an image of the occupant and becomes a depiction of self-narrative. Smith’s work questions what we cherish more, the image of the object, the idea of the experience or the object itself. In his recent work, Using lithography as his medium, Smith has been exploring textures of textiles and other materials within a domestic setting. 

The Path leading to the Center

A Solo Exhibition by Kenia Arguiñao

Curated by Meyken Barreto

June 17- august 31, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 17 6-8pm.

at the Braddock Park Art Center


Guttenberg Arts Gallery is pleased to present The Path leading to the Center, a solo exhibition by Kenia Arguiñao. Kenia is interested in the uniqueness of the individual, and the inner processes and elements leading to such individuality. Therefore she has focused in the realm of Dreams as one of those enigmatic and unexplored experiences leading to the construction of a human being.  

This exhibition features recent works of the series Umbra, The road leading to the Center and Collapse in a region without dimensionality or time. For all these series Kenia has taken her own dreams as a departure point. During the lapse of eight year and with the accuracy of a bookkeeper, she has kept a record of every date of the year in which she had a dream, and she has also written by hand the story of each of those dreams. That investigation of her inner self is the material from which she creates the graphic, shapes, and motifs that filled her pieces. Her analytic process ranges from using stamps in order to tell her dreams in the series Umbra, to creating graphics and geometric designs by connecting the dots of her monthly dreams statistics. The results are these crafty and exquisite works that connect the ethereal and rational parts of this human experience.

Kenia Arguiñao Vega is a cuban-born artist living and working in Union City, New Jersey.  She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Benny More in Cienfuegos in 2006 and the Higher Institute of Art, Havana, 2011. Her works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibition both in Cuba and internationally including the Centre for Development of Visual Arts, Havana;  Galería Habana, Havana; Havana Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland; Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico DF; Contemporary Art Fair Art Position 11 Bern, Switzerland; and Havana Biennial. She was awarded with the residency Gilbert Brownstone Foundation, 2012, Paris, France.

The Path leading to the Center is part of a new Exhibition Program organized by Guttenberg Arts and curated by Meyken Barreto and Elvis Fuentes that focuses on artists living and/or working in the New Jersey area. This new series of exhibitions is taking place in two locations: the Guttenberg Arts Gallery in Guttenberg and the Lake House at James J. Braddock North Hudson County Park in North Bergen.