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Guttenberg Arts hosts a wide range of exhibitions throughout the year which provides STAR artists and community members an outlet to showcase their work and garner exposure.  In return we provide the public with a venue which offers unique presentations in an unexpected place... around the corner from their home.

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Exhibition: Dec. 8th, 2017 - January 31st, 2018

Opening Reception on Friday Dec. 8th, 6-9pm. 

For more information please contact studio@guttenbergarts.org or 201-868-8585. Guttenberg Art Gallery is free and open to the public by appointment. www.guttenbergarts.org

Made Here: Fall 2017 Group EXHIBITION


6pm to 9pm at the Guttenberg Arts Gallery

Exhibition: DEC. 8th - jan. 31st, 2017

For more information please contact studio@guttenbergarts.org or 201-868-8585. 

(Dec. 1st, Guttenberg NJ) Guttenberg Arts Gallery is pleased to present “MADE HERE Fall 2017” a group exhibition of the current Artists in Residence; Jessica Rohrer, Alisha Wessler, Dahlia Elsayed and Jeremy Coleman Smith. On view December 1st - January 31st, 2017. The works included in MADE HERE were created during the artist’s residences this past Fall. The title “MADE HERE” carries not only multiple definitions, but multiple conceptual meanings ranging from location to identity, the politics of materials and the historical nature of place. All of these new works deeply considered many of these issues and are only just the beginning points for deeper reflection.

For more than a decade the source material for Jessica Rohrer’s work has been the homes and neighborhoods in which she has lived from Wisconsin to Brooklyn to New Jersey. This subject matter allows Rohrer to explore a series of ideas, including the notion of public and private space.  The use of the drone camera itself is socially loaded, as their increasing prominence has led them to be viewed as tools of aggression used for spying and warfare. Drones have also become a symbol of our collective declining privacy. Rohrer’s images illustrate this by laying bare both the physical and socioeconomic elements of the neighborhood via the meticulous capture of homes, cars, swimming pools, and outdoor furniture. At Guttenberg Arts, Rohrer further explored her drone-based work through printmaking, specifically intaglio etching.

Alisha Wessler’s work explores hybrid objects—their narrative potential and taxonomic slippage. Wessler makes sculptures and drawings that occupy the indeterminate realm between reality and dream, nature and artifice. By creating artifacts that fall outside the bounds of known terms or traditional classification, Wessler attempts to reveal the enigmatic properties latent within ordinary things. At Guttenberg Arts, Wessler has sculpted small ceramic objects while developing a new method for their display. This new work acts as an extension to her current practice through the experimentation of combining objects with hanging textiles.

Dahlia Elsayed makes conceptual maps that are informed by autobiography and environment, linking internal and external landscapes. They use visual markers of the built and natural world alongside language in fictional landscapes. These take the form of painting, prints, and installation. While in residence, Elsayed’s studio focus has expanded from painting and collage to print and ceramic forms.  Elsayed familiarized herself with ceramics basics and has created a diorama based project that combines painting on paper and small sculpture called ‘Diorama of Everything Right Now.’ As a unified collection of paper and sculptural works, the diorama is a compilation of visually complex, tactile short fictions, navigable created landscapes marked by poetic language, with space that allows words and images to resonate in the mind.

Jeremy Coleman Smith’s work continues to investigate the relationship between people, objects of display and the interior spaces where they interact.  Smith believes that in an effort to describe ourselves, we adorn our personal spaces and develop an image of self through the contents we choose to display in a room. The presentation of these objects helps fabricate an image of the occupant and becomes a depiction of self-narrative. Smith’s work questions what we cherish more, the image of the object, the idea of the experience or the object itself. In his recent work, Using ceramics and lithography as his medium, Smith has been exploring textures of textiles and other materials within a domestic setting. 


Works on Paper by Eduardo Sarmiento

Curated by Joaquin badajoz

artist talk and Opening Reception:

Saturday October 14th, 4pm -7pm

Braddock Park ARt Center

Exhibition: Oct. 14th - Nov. 30th, 2017

For more information please contact studio@guttenbergarts.org or 201-868-8585. 

Under the provocative title “Lovers,” Guttenberg Arts is opening at Braddock Park Art Center in New Jersey this October 14th a major exhibition of recent works on paper by a rising star in the visual arts. Eduardo Sarmiento (b. 1980, Cuba) carries forward important traditions in the figurative art. The exhibition, curated by Joaquin Badajoz, who also wrote the essay in the catalog, is a celebration of lovers and deliberately allows the enjoyment of a master drawing in tender, shocking, hilarious ways.

Sarmiento has distinguished himself as a painter, graphic designer, and illustrator. His work breaks from convention, is provocative, poetic, and sheds light onto those darker zones where erotic feeling and love, pain and pleasure, lead us to self-discovery. His work has been exhibited internationally and is part of the permanent collection of several museums.

Braddock Park Art Center is located at:
River View Drive in James J. Braddock Park, North Bergen, NJ, 07093