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Guttenberg Arts is dedicated to increasing opportunities for artists that encourage artistic evolution while creating cultural experiences for the community that promote creative thinking. Since 2014, we have promoted the visual arts through providing practicing artists with the space and time to develop their work, engage with the public, and expand their community. 

Participating artists benefit from increased career opportunities and public exposure through peer collaboration and promotion to curators and collectors in the tri-state area. 

We enable artists to explore new techniques in our studio (a 4,500 sf facility for the visual arts accommodating working in 2-D & 3-D including printmaking and ceramics) and to share their experiences through artistic mentorship, creating new opportunities for artistic evolution.  Supporting Guttenberg Arts will provide artists the space and time they need to develop work that represents the uniqueness of their voice and the platform to share it.

Guttenberg Arts hosts a dynamic array of public programing that includes, free community workshops for all ages, panel talks and artist lectures providing diverse perspectives and actively engaging a range of audiences inspiring new dialogs. Guttenberg Arts aims to be a cultural cornerstone that serves the arts and artists within the community to create meaningful experiences.


from BUilding buildings to building communities

Founders Dan and Sara Barteluce

Founders Dan and Sara Barteluce

Our founders Dan and Sara Barteluce spent their adolescence in northern Hudson County.  When Dan retired from architecture in 2011, he and Sara decided to turn their focus back to that same community that positively influenced their childhood. During this time, their son Matt Barteluce and his business partner Russ Spitkovsky had begun publishing an art and literature journal Carrier Pigeon which cultivated a large community of artists.  Although their publication offered a platform to showcase new and interesting work, a common thread was found amongst contributing artists: the difficulty of maintaining a sustainable career in the arts due to the lack of space and time to develop meaningful work.

This need was recognized by Dan and Sara and in 2013 they purchased a industrial building in Guttenberg and began renovations in order to make a lasting cultural impact, not only for Hudson County but the larger Visual Art World. Together with Matt, Russ and artist consultants Bruce Waldman and Doug Depice they foundedGuttenberg Arts, an arts non-profit that would host an artist residency, provide free public workshops, artist talks, and gallery exhibitions which could empower artists and promote creative thinking. With like minded art supporters the founding board was formed and they completed renovations in 2013.  The result was a 4,500 square foot facility for the visual arts accommodating working in 2-D & 3-D including printmaking and ceramics.

Completed in May 2014 and launched the Artist in Residency with three pilot residents. Since then Guttenberg Arts has hosted 35 Artists in Residence, 33 exhibitions, 32 artist talks, 22 free workshops, 2 panels and founded the JJ Braddock Park Arts Festival. Today Guttenberg Arts has partnered with over a dozen other arts nonprofits and community groups and is growing to serve more artists and community members for the decades to come.