Guttenberg Arts STAR Program

Everyone at Guttenberg Arts understands the financial difficulty facing artists of all levels and seeks to support their creative endeavors at the Bulls Ferry Studios with the Space and Time Artist Residency or STAR Program.  STAR provides artists with stipends and material, travel, and housing grants in conjunction with a professionally equipped workspace for the visual arts including printmaking and ceramics.  Artists are selected by a blind jury of arts professionals on the merits of their work. Each artist will give a free and open to the public artist lecture towards the close of their three month residency.  Artists will be given the opportunity to work with local students and seniors on arts projects designed to introduce non-professionals to artistic practice.  Increasing an artist's community is the first step toward a sustainable career in the arts.  Guttenberg Arts will promote each artist in print and on the web, through exhibitions and art fairs. 


Bulls Ferry Studios’ 4,500 square foot facility includes common areas for painting, drawing, and 2-D arts, as well as two etching presses (18” x 48” Craft Tool & 30” x 50” Charles Brand), one litho press (24” x 36” Parks), and silkscreen facilities for four-color fabric or paper printing and drying.  Bulls Ferry has a ventilated acid room for intaglio process and a silkscreen exposure unit for 24”x 36” screens with washout located in a light safe room.  Designated individual work tables, supply storage, and flat file drawers ring the light filled studio.

3-D facilities include an outdoor sculpture area and a dedicated ceramics studio equipped with pottery wheels, a slab roller, sculpture stands, and two electric barrel kilns (24”x 30” & 24” x 24”).

Bulls Ferry Studios’ rotational exhibition space offers residents the opportunity to show completed works to patrons and visitors.  Bulls Ferry Studios is ADA accessible, climate controlled, and wi-fi equipped.

Award Description

  • 3 Months of Studio Access at the Bulls Ferry Studio (open 24 hrs, 7 days per week)
  • Artistic Stipend of $700 per month for 3 months
  • Materials Grant of $400
  • Travel Grant of $500
  • Public Artist Talk and Open Studio Event
  • Publicity in Print and Web-based Media

(Applications for our Summer Program will reopen January 15th 2015)


Meet the Fall 2014 Resident Artists

Jairo Alfonso

Jairo Alfonso (born in 1974 in Havana) graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana. He has worked with different media such as painting, installation, sculpture, but his latest work has been focused on drawing and video. His work is an exploration on the contemporary "material culture" seen from an archeological perspective. He is known for his “horror vacuis” drawings of object ́s accumulations and his stop-motion animation videos. 


Mirra Goldfrad

Through my artistic practice, I question ideas of perception and explore variables, which contribute to identity formation. My prints are figurative in order to examine human interactions, both interpersonal and with abstractions (i.e. notions of home, vulnerability, fear, contest). I am drawn to print installation for its ability to affect space beyond itself, to disorient the viewer, as well as provide the freedom to explore ideas outside of ones’ self. The materials utilized are paramount to conveying my intentions to the viewer and for their understanding of a given piece. 

Beth Sutherland

Beth Sutherland is exploring the neighborhoods around Guttenberg to complete a suite of 10 etchings based on the theme of doorways.  In her series she reveals small but significant variations of doors, which reveal individual choices of the owners within.