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Guttenberg Arts is a 4,500 square foot facility equipped for printmaking and ceramics with common areas for painting, drawing and sculpture. Designated individual work tables, supply storage and flat file drawers are available for rental. Review our artist rates and fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a member of our staff will contact you. For a breakdown of our ceramics facilities and rates, please scroll down. Guttenberg Arts is ADA accessible, climate controlled and wi-fi equipped. (Please Note: Space & Time Artist in Residence do not pay facilities fees during the length of their residency).

PRINTMAKING facilities

The Guttenberg Arts printmaking facilities are equipped for intaglio, relief, stone/plate lithography, silkscreen and letterpress. Our facilities include a ventilated acid room for intaglio process and a dark room for light sensitive work. The studio provides most standard solvents and materials for image processing and clean up.


  • 4 hours- $60.00

  • 8 hours- $100.00

  • 40 hours - $200.00 (Best Rate)

  • Printing with Assistant - $30.00 per hour

  • Cubby - $25 a month

  • Flat File - $35 a month

  • Screen Printing Rack - $10 a month

Studio Hours 

  • Wednesday - 10am-10pm

  • Thursday - 10am-10pm

  • Friday - 10am-10pm

  • Saturday - 10am-10pm

  • Sunday - 10am - 10pm

Intaglio/Relief Equipment

  • 30x50" Charles Brand Etching Press

  • 30x50" Praga Etching Press

  • 24x46" Charles Brand Etching Press

  • Aquatint Box (accommodates up to 3x5' plates)

  • Hotplate (28 x 36")

  • Standup Ferric Chloride Tank (22x 24")

  • Solvent Trays of Various Sizes

  • Drying Racks of Various Sizes

  • Composition Rollers and Brayers of Various Sizes

  • Felt and Neoprene printing blankets

Letterpress Equipment

  • Proofing Press (32x15" bed size)

  • Type/Furniture / Galleys

Lithography Equipment

  • 24"x36" Fuchs and Lang Lithography Press

  • 30"x 48" Rembrant Elephant Lithography Press

  • Library of Lithography Stones ranging in sizes from 9x10" to 22x30"

  • Poly-Lite Exposure unite (46x46" glass)

  • Tympans and Scraper bars (Various Sizes)

  • Leather Roller 12"


  • Poly-Lite Exposure Unit (46x46" glass)

  • Vacuum Table (78x54")

  • Riley Hopkins 4 Screen Textile Press

  • Curestar 4000 Conveyor Belt Curer

  • Red Flash Spot Cure System

  • Squeegees (Various Sizes)

  • Silkscreen Storage Rack (accommodates screens up to 30x40")

  • Lightproof Drying Rack (accommodates screens up to 30x40")

  • Washout Booth

  • Power Washer

  • Scoop Coaters (Various Sizes)


  • 24" Wide format Photographic Printing: $15.00 per sq. ft.

  • 24" Wide format Transparency Printing: $8.00 per sq. ft.

  • Risograph Printing: Price based on Project Parameters

Solvents and Materials Available

Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Ferric Chloride, California Wash, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ulano LX660 Emulsion, Speedball Diazo Emulsion, Emulsion Remover, Universal Hardground, Softground, Lithotine, Lump Rosin, Gum Arabic, Lithography Grit, Photo Plate Developer, Vinegar, Magnesium Carbonate, Baking Soda, Whiting, Citric Acid Powder, Litho Grease, Salt, Gojo Soap

CERAMICS facilities

Our ceramics studio is equipped for 


  • 3 Electric Brent Pottery Wheels

  • Bailey Slab Roller (30"x 64")

  • Baileys Extra Large Extruder

  • SKUTT Automatic Kiln (Small) 18"x 18"x 18"

  • SKUTT Cone Firing Kiln (Medium) 23"x 23"x 31"

  • Olympic Automatic Kiln (Large) 34"x 29"x 26"


  • 4 hours- $60

  • 8 hours- $100

  • 20 hours -$150

  • 40 hours - $200

  • Cubby - $25 a month

Ceramic Studio Hours

  • Monday - 10am-5pm

  • Tuesday 10am-5pm

  • Wednesday - 10am-5pm

  • Thursday -10am-5pm

  • Friday 10am-5pm

  • Saturday and Sunday upon request

Ceramic Firing Charges

We charge $0.03 per cubic inch for both low and high firings.

All our kilns can be rented out at a special rate. There is a $10 loading fee with each firing, which is not included in the price below.

  • Small SKUTT Kiln: $65.00

  • Medium SKUTT Kiln: $100.00

  • Large Olympic Kiln: $165.00


We have a variety of tools available to renters including: Potter's Needles, Cut-off Wires, Fettling Knives, Ribs, Scrappers, Loop, Wire and Ribbon Tools, Wooden Modeling Tools. 


We offer Speedball, Amaco, and Mayco mid-fire cone 5/6 glazes in a variety of colors as well as low to mid range clay bodies in a variety of colors.  Prices may vary between $25 to $45 per 50 lb. box.



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