Guttenberg Arts is housed in Bulls Ferry Studios. Bulls Ferry Studios is a 4,500 square foot facility includes common areas for painting, drawing, and 2-D arts, as well as two etching presses (18” x 48” Craft Tool & 30” x 50” Charles Brand), two litho presses (24” x 36” Fuchs and Lang &  30x48" Elephant), letterpress and silkscreen facilities for four-color fabric or paper printing and drying.  Bulls Ferry has a ventilated acid room for intaglio process and a silkscreen exposure unit for 24”x 36” screens with washout located in a light safe room.  Designated individual work tables, supply storage, and flat file drawers ring the light filled studio.

3-D facilities include an outdoor sculpture area and a dedicated ceramics studio equipped with two pottery wheels, a slab roller, sculpture stands, and two electric barrel kilns (24”x 30” & 24” x 24”).

Bulls Ferry Studios’ rotational exhibition space offers residents the opportunity to show completed works to patrons and visitors.  Bulls Ferry Studios is ADA accessible, climate controlled, and wi-fi equipped.