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Designed for Civic Disobedience: Creating Art for Political and Social Activism with Slinko

Designed for Civic Disobedience



“Designed for Civic Disobedience” workshop will be geared towards anyone interested in participating in social and political life, and will enable them to illustrate their messages through effective and memorable art form of protest signs.

Drawing on contemporary and historic protest signs, this workshop will include a brief history, purpose and usage of visual language in social and political movements. The workshop then will examine the structure of some successful posters and explain why some delivery works better than other.The workshop will include presentation of essential graphic design concepts: typography, color, composition. The importance of typography will be illustrated trough comparing different typefaces, and applying them to various messages. Color and its combinations will be tested to showcase how basic color theory can aid or detract from effectiveness of a sign. Composition will outline essential layout principles, such as: grid, white space, and hierarchy of information.

Sunday March 18th 2018

1:00pm - 4:00pm