Support Our Mission!

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Support Our Mission!

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Yes! I would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to Guttenberg Arts. If you have any questions please contact or call 201.868.8585

80% of our annual budget goes directly to our programs.  

  • Guttenberg Arts Member: $50 Become a member and get special access to exhibitions, workshops and artist talks.

  • Exhibitions Aid: $750 Take part in our Exhibitions programming by bearing the cost of one year worth of curatorial fees.

  • STAR Program Patron: $1200 Support 1 Artist for the Entirety of their Residency

  • Out of Their Heads Hero: $2000 Help fund an artist panel discussion by contributing to our Panelist Fees

  • Workshop Warrior: $3750 Contribute to our Hands On Education program by giving to our Facility Fees

  • STAR Platinum Sponsor: $9600 Donate to the Space and Time Artist Residency and directly support the creative practices of 12 artists!

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When you support the arts you are making an investment in the growth of our culture, enhancing our capacity to empathize, overcome our differences, and contribute something beautiful to the world.  The arts are our connection to one another.  Art is how we learn to interpret the unknown and nonquantifiable.  Art is a natural and auniversal language.  Our capacity to create, to manifest what is in our minds through our hands, is what gives us hope and connects us to one another.  

Give an artist a chance to do something extraordinary, support our mission. Provide artists with the space and time to develop their work and share talents with all of us.  Your tax deductible contribution to Guttenberg Arts goes straight to our unique programs: STAR, BPAF, Laboratorio’s free classes for kids, GA Exhibitions, Out of Their Heads Artist Talks, and Paper Crown Press. Keep art alive and in our lives.  Donate today!