When you support the arts you are making an investment in the growth of our culture, enhancing our capacity to empathize, overcome our differences, and contribute something beautiful to the world.  The arts are our connection to one another.  Art is how we learn to interpret the unknown and nonquantifiable.  Art is a natural and auniversal language.  Our capacity to create, to manifest what is in our minds through our hands, is what gives us hope and connects us to one another.  Keep art alive and in our lives.  Donate today!

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Give an artist a chance to do something extraordinary, support our mission. Provide artists with the space and time to develop their work and share talents with all of us. 

Your tax deductible contribution to Guttenberg Arts goes straight to our unique programs: STAR, BPAF, Laboratorio’s free classes for kids, GA Exhibitions, Out of Their Heads Artist Talks, and Paper Crown Press. 

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We believe it is critical to support sustainable careers in the arts now more than ever.  As the cost of living and working in the tri-state area continues to rise, it will increasingly drive our creative thinkers to other parts of the globe.  The professionally equipped Bulls Ferry Studios provides artists with critically important dedicated studio time and public exposure in Hudson County NJ, just minutes from Midtown Manhattan. We work to support meaningful artistic development, public involvement with the arts, and empower artists to make an impact in our lives.


Where our money comes from

As our participation numbers grow, financial help from larger organizations and individuals like yourself will sustain our growth trajectory.

Where our Money Goes

Our programming has grown out of feedback and direct engagement with regional artists and area residents.

2014-2016 accomplishments & statistics

Since our launch in 2014 we have taken part in a multitude of community events along side our key programs from open studios, portfolio reviews and Hudson County Meet & Greets to free art demos at County festivals and panel discussions at local Hudson County Colleges