Visiting Critic: Regine Basha

For Curator Regine Basha, no two projects are alike; over the course of her 20-year career, her inventive approach has explored the very specific contexts or situations for the production of or engagement with new work – whether it be a sound show resonating throughout an entire town (The Marfa Sessions), artists' interviews (Resident:Host), a radio presentation (Tuning Baghdad), commissions for abandoned buildings (WHEN YOU CUT INTO THE PRESENT THE FUTURE LEAKS OUT, Old Bronx Courthouse)  Often, collaboration and connecting diversified fields of knowledge are central to her curatorial practice and interest. Much of her research and engagements connect artists from throughout North America, the Middle East (Istanbul, Cairo, and Tel Aviv) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio) into the United States.  She has written for Art Papers, Cabinet, Art in America, and Art Lies. She has advised The Museum of Art and Design, The Queens Museum and The Shandanken Project, and No Longer Empty. She is a member of Art Table, AICA and currently sits on the board of Art Matters, New York. Recent exhibitions and projects include such artists as: Basim Magdy (upcoming), Nina Katchadourian,  Stephen Vitiello / Leah Beeferman,  Paul Pfeiffer, Hope Ginsburg, and exhibitions at Cabinet Magazine, Mass MoCa (EXCHANGE WITH SOL LEWITT), SculptureCenter (TREBLE), Bloomberg's Headquarters with Julieta Aranda, Beth Campbell, Cao Fei and Ana Prvacki (SPECULATIVE FUTURES) and many others, including numerous exhibitions exploring sound as sculptural material (THE MARFA SESSIONS AT BALLROOM MARFA). Her curatorial site also features video conversations with artists of interest.