FREE Figurative Drawing w/ Napoles Marty

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FREE Figurative Drawing w/ Napoles Marty


This FREE one day workshop will have participants explore figurative drawing while mixing mediums such as graphite, pastel and ink.

Instructor: Napoles Marty
Max students - 10

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This workshop will focus on the idea of space, the body and human displacements. Marty will show each member how to interact with the idea of fragility and fragmentation, but from a reflective perspective while drawing..

Date: Saturday August 17th

Time: 1pm - 4pm

PLEASE NOTE: Bring your own sketch pads or paper (we have limited supply of paper).

Napoles Marty’s pieces are a reflection on his current state, in which he questions his own displacement as a migrant, within different spaces. From a totally visceral perspective and with an approach that goes from the personal to the collective. Marty started with the idea that contemporary society continues to move in search of changes of different kinds, in my case I am focusing on the most fragile parts of that which is the process. He has said a visceral perspective because my works represent the different positions that converge in the idea of migration as an act of loss and transculturation.