Century Plate Lithography

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Century Plate Lithography

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This course will introduce printmakers to Non-toxic Century Plate lithography.

Instructor: Corinne Rhodes
Max students - 10

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Century Plate Lithography is a new, sustainable and environmentally friendly process using re-grainable Century Plates and biologically-based, biodegradable processing materials.Artists who like printing with polyester lithographic plates (Pronto Plates) will really enjoy the richer tonality, reciprocity of mark-making, durability, ease of use and predictable results that Century Plates provide.  

Those who prefer lithographic limestones, will like the similar surface texture we can create by hand-graining Century Plates.  Unlike litho stones, these plates can be re-grained very quickly and easily and so help to create more fluidity and spontaneity in an artist’s’ working process.  This new form of lithography is excellent for creating gestural, expressive images and producing multiple-color prints.

We will cover how to grain a new plate, registration methods and plate preparation, drawing directly on the plate with a variety of materials, etching, processing and proofing on the litho press as well as how to clean and store an inked plate or re-grain a plate for a new image.

Saturday June 15 & Sunday June 16

Time: 10am - 5:30pm

$400 (includes $50.00 Materials fee)

Corinne Rhodes runs Cherry Press printmaking workshop in Rutland, MA.  Corinne trained as a professional fine art printer at Tamarind Institute and specializes in teaching new, non-toxic Century Plate lithography and other printmaking techniques. Prior to opening Cherry Press, Corinne worked in various capacities at several printmaking workshops including: Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, the Lower Eastside Printshop, ABC NO RIO, West Yorkshire Print Workshop and at the School of Museum of Fine Arts.  She has exhibited her artwork across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico and the U.K.  Corinne is a recipient of ArtsWorcester’s Material Needs grant program, the British Arts Council’s Professional Development Grant Scheme, Brigit Skiold Memorial Trust and the Lower East Side Printshop’s Key Holder Residency Program.