Analog vs. Digital Workshop


Analog vs. Digital Workshop


This workshop participants will create something digital that will be prepared with internet, photoshop, or any multimedia device. Then it will be transformed in an analog printed artwork.

Instructor: Mamadou Sow

Max Students: 8

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Thursday July 19th

6pm - 9pm


Mamadou Sow’s artistic method is based on the principle of the critical reinvestigation of the existed analog visual information and its contextualization within the discourse of virtual reality. He examines the issue of the intense changes occurring in the contemporary society and culture under the influence of politics, popular culture and the growing power of the Internet. Sow works with a different media including photography, digital graphics and experimental sculpture as well as developing design concepts for fashion and advertising.

The young artist belongs to the first generation of the digital native artists, who started their career at the beginning of the twentieth first century and challenged to use the Internet as a medium to create an art work in the JPEG format.